What our customers are saying:

Thanks Jeff. Great service as usual.

Paul Stanton

Dear Jeff,

Having bent my ear about digital lenses for some time, with me showing little interest, everything changed when I took delivery of my new pairs of glasses….What clarity!

You handled me with great customer care and I have no hesitation referring your services to anyone.

Richard Catt

Dear Jeff,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your fantastic help and service for my new rimless glasses. It’s as close as possible to not wearing glasses at all, but with the crisp clear vision I enjoyed when I was much younger. Not only are they good value your excellent service meant I had them intime for my daughters wedding.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends, family and collegues alike.

Warwick Grigg

Dear Jeff,

Please accept my grateful thanks for providing me with varifocal glasses which enable me to see comfortably, without the constant worry of falling over!!

As you know I have had great difficulty with both bifocal and varifocal lenses, which is why I am so appreciative of your wonderful help, expertise and patience.

Valerie Copeman

Dear Jeff,

I thought my requirements in a pair of spectacles for display screen weren’t too complex, but getting a pair made that met them has always proved too difficult. That is until I came to see you at Speccies and explained what I needed as I use multiple screens and frequently switch between working at close and intermediate distances.

As a photographer I need to be sure that the details in images I produce are pin-sharp and colours are true. The glasses you produced for me are extremely high quality and allow me to focus over the full range I need, the fact that you also customized the lens shape to cover a larger area was an added bonus.

I can recommend you without hesitation as the service and quality of product you supplied was first rate.

Simon Earle

Why I use VISION for my glasses,

I have a challenging prescription, strongly longsighted and with an astigmatism. I work in software (including developing this website) so I will spend long days reading both documents and from the screen.

As the years advance, I would dread the next set of glasses, they would cost many hundreds of pounds with the latest lenses and frankly they didn’t work. In 2007 after about a year of lens reworks showing little improvement they introduced me to Jeff (clearly their expert trouble shooter).

I can still remember the delight that came from Jeff’s carefully prepared varifocals, they worked so well, my productivity/confidence improved, I could see the floor, the documents, the screen and distance with such clarity… amazing. After that I just asked for Jeff who seemed to enjoy the challenge, applying his expertise weighing up the options and delivering yet another improvement to my vision. I quickly realised that I was not alone in using Jeff as the unsung expert solving many a difficult issue.

When Jeff started out on his own I was frankly concerned that without the backup of a large organisation his ability to deliver “my specials” might be diminished. Actually the reverse is true. The larger organisations have developed relationships with specific labs and lens manufacturers reducing their capability to provide bespoke services. Jeff has developed relationships many manufacturers and has earned their respect… he seems to have a VIP pass to deliver the best possible result. Frankly I would pay anything for my glasses but another bonus of using VISION is that the cost of these specials from VISION was significantly cheaper (in both time and money).

As the larger organisations seem to employ less and less experienced staff only capable of delivering the easy prescriptions, I realise that I am reliant on Jeff’s service for my glasses. He is a resource that needs protecting, so, if you have any feedback on the website please feel free to email me at JohnParkin@OceanProjectManagement.com.

Thank you Jeff.

John Parkin.

John Parkin